• Aussie Man & Van

    Aussie Man & Van

    We celebrate another year with Aussie Man & Van as major partners, taking our history to well over 10 years and counting. They are the leaders in removals in London and are always looking to add to their team. So if you’re heading over to London, or already here, and looking for some work then get in touch with us and we’ll sort you out.

  • have been with us for many years now and we love them and everything they do. So what is it exactly that they do? Providing quality educators since 2004; every way, every day, always. At, we place exceptional people in educational settings. We invest in teachers looking for temporary or permanent work, provide search and selection for executive level managers, recruit support staff and supply permanent and casual educators and support staff for early childhood.

  • Brickwood Coffee & Bread

    Brickwood Coffee & Bread

    We couldn't be luckier or more excited to have this fine Aussie café powering us throughout the season. In conjunction with friends Joe Public pizza over the road, they will be fuelling us with delicious club meals on Thursday nights after our trainings. And the food is absolutely delicious. For a number of years now Brickwood has been the go-to for our caffeine and brunch fixes; and that's not because they are right next door to the Alex, it's simply because they are the best café - hands down - no contest. Brickwood cafes take inspiration from the bustling cafe scene in Australia & New Zealand where quality brunch & coffee is the focus. Combine this with a comfy neighbourhood feel, great music & awesome staff, means Brickwood cafes have become pretty much our favourite place in London.

  • Travel Talk Tours

    Travel Talk Tours

    Since 2017 Travel Talk has been on board with the Wandsworth Demons to help to countless victories! Travel Talk tours are designed for young, fun-spirited individuals in search of exhilarating and diverse experiences without breaking the bank or giving up on quality. Check out popular year-round tours to exotic destinations such as Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Iceland, India or Russia, or catch a bit of the sun while sailing Croatia, or hopping the Greek islands. Visit Gallipoli on Anzac Day, or if you are keen to get your hands dirty and party hard, Oktoberfest and La Tomatina are here for you too. Stay tuned for epic deals and exclusive giveaways only for the Demons! What better way to celebrate the wins?!

  • Headcase Barbers

    Headcase Barbers

    This year The Demons will be looking just as good off the field as on it with some fresh fades from our friends at Headcase Barbers. They've combined good rock music, oversized mirrors, top of the range traditional barber chairs and incense to reinvent and revive what had become a tired and forgotten industry, and you can grab a froth.

  • Experience Days

    Thanks to experience days for their ongoing support with their vouchers. A great way to spend any afternoon.

  • PhysioMotion


    PhysioMotion has teamed up with the Wandsworth Demons to offer half-priced treatments to all members!

    PhysioMotion is a physiotherapy clinic with an extensive knowledge of acute and chronic sports injuries and specialising in Sports Rehabilitation & Musculoskeletal Injuries. Simply mention Wandsworth Demons to get 50% off your initial assessment while booking.

    Call 020 3422 6655 for all booking enquiries.