Rd 4: Demons vs South East London Giants (Social)

Stuart 'Kettles' Dow | 27.05.16

Demons 21.13 (139) def. South East London Giants 0.1 (1)

It was a massive percentage boosting win and a fine showing of form across the length and breadth of 4 quarters by the lads in the Social division. With a rejuvenated line-up, driven by large numbers at training and a general availability of personnel, the Super 3's were left with the great issue of having too many men and not enough spots. But after a good number of bodies dropped out for a rest or by making way through injury, we were left with a suitably solid team heading to Peckham Rye Common.

The Giants were light with numbers so we were accommodating with only 16 on the pitch. This didn't stop the fire from the first bounce - this fire quickly turned into a raging inferno. With elite tap work from Lachlan 'Lachie' Robinson at each centre bounce the Demons were getting first use. The midfield with Mark 'Brescy' Brescacin accompanied by Tom Crossland, Kane and silky clean possession and delivery by Courtney on the outside. This allowed the Demons to start with a 4 goal to nill advantage by quarter time.

The second quarter was much the same with the Demons extending the advantage, at the coal face the same blokes were shouldering the load but this was made easier by the likes of Toots, Pup and Danny Radis rotating in and getting their hands on it. Terry Unitt was marching around like Mark Jackson on the half back line but his strength in getting to the ball first was preventing any penetration into the Giants forward line.

Through the third and fourth quarters there were guys beginning to line up for goals and players selling candy all over Peckham Rye Common. JD clutching a hand full, Animal and Lachie bagging a few sausages each, amazingly even Lummers squaring up and passing to advantage whilst inside 50. But nothing made the eye water than seeing Mac ’n’ Cheese snagging a few in his last game for the club. His stature and presence was felt up forward and presented an irresistible viewing pleasure. By the end of the 4th term the Demons had plied on another 6 goals and the game came to a close with a clear margin of 139 points to 1.

Goals: John Dillon 4, Nick Hugo 4, Mac 'n' Cheese 3, Courtney 3, Lachie 2, Kane 1, Brescy 1, Pup 1, Tom Crossland 1, Toots 1

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