Rd 5: Demons vs Wimbledon Hawks (Social)

Stu 'Kettles' Dow | 09.06.16

Wandsworth Demons 13.8 (86) def. Wimbledon Hawks 2.3 (15)

It was another massive day for the top of the ladder Super 3’s meeting the 4th placed Wimbledon Hawks at their home ground of Motspur Park. On this gleaming Sunday afternoon we were treated to an excellent track and a good showing of ready men – which in consideration to the previous days activities at the Epsom Derby, this was a surprisingly good start.

The Hawks included a few top-up players from their Premiership Division team, which meant at the first bounce an even greater intensity was required. Lachie Robinson maintained his consistency of giving us first option, at his feet to extract the ball was the huge inclusion of whisper-white Brett Hoare; it was his first game for the year and we could see immediately he was willing to hit the Hawks with physicality, in the same manner he hits the public with his profanity. We also had the pleasure of Ryan ‘Hank’ Hancock joining in on the festivities, showing a clean pair of heels both on the in and outside.

There was immediate impact in the first quarter and the pressure coming from the centre which was providing good entry into our 50 - with the finest example in the first moments of the game. David ‘Lummers’ Lumley leading out to a precise kick from Terry ‘Turtle’ Unitt moving from the wing down the flank; it was viewed with an air of effortlessness. The Demons had solid ball use and set up a tidy first half lead with a very balanced contribution from the middle in Ollie, Hoarey, Bevan and Hank. By the end of the first half the Demons had settled into a nice lead, goals from poster-boy Lethal and a nippsy like Pup added to the cause; whilst the likes of Conor Conor Conor, Weiner, Turtle and Xavier maintained a resolute defence.

The second half saw much of the same, the level of commitment lifted from all players as the likely hangover was being run-out. A great performance from Chris ‘Patto’ Pattison at Centre Half Forward, while Micky Andrews was hitting everything he aimed at coming down the wing. Lummers continued the scoreboard domination on his way to snagging 6 for the day. Danny Radis popped up on a number of occasions moving swiftly down the Half Forward Flank sinking 2 goals also. Whilst the Demons were simmering after half time, it was Brett Hoare in his first game of 2016 who was red-hot, there was speculation around the boundary whether this was from his consistent work rate or the effects of two hours in the sun on his lily-white skin.

Throughout the last quarter the South London Demons continued to open up a significant lead and completely restrict the Hawks to not scoring. Dicky Benson should simply be celebrated for turning up at all, needing the Taxi to pull over whilst in transit to Motspur Park for removal of all stomach items. The result was his presence up forward all day was reminiscent of a Godfreys Wacky Waving Inflatable Man. On a whole the team was very balanced and all should feel proud they did the jumper justices by giving the Hawks a good lashing.

Goals: Lummers 6, Hank 2, Danny Radis 2, Pup 1, Conor Conor Conor 1, Toots 1

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