Friendly: Demons vs Mighty Midlands (Women)

Alex "Princess" Daley | 16.06.16

Wandsworth Demons 2.3 (15) def. by Mighty Midlands 4.14 (38)

With a bye from the regular season, 12 ultra-keen girls made the trek up to Nottingham on Saturday morning to play a friendly against the Mighty Midlands team. Led by first time captain Lucy 'Screech' Henderson, the girls came out expecting a tough competition and that's what they got.

Grace 'Greg' Houghton absolutely #killedit in the ruck, facing up against an England Vixen and beating her to the tap every time. With the excellence from the middle it gave Onora 'Snorz' Mulcahy and Cassie 'Deano' Dean the freedom to run the ball and clear it up to the forwards, with Screech being true to her nickname as the voice of the team, consistently shepherding and allowing us scoring opportunities.

The Midlands team had the strength and bombed the ball up forward every chance they could, but the brick wall defence of Siobhan 'Chewie' O'Dwyer and Sam Reidy meant that the Midlands had to work very hard for their two goals in the first quarter.

Alex 'Princess' Daley at full back was reliable to mop up any balls coming in, rushing a few tactical behinds to then give the Dees a chance at Boxy's patented 'huddle and break' technique. Rose 'Bugs' Lewis was outstanding as always, using the wings to her advantage and pushing up to get the ball to Jo 'LiLo' O'Dwyer who was solid in her tackling and first to the ball efforts.

It wasn't until the third quarter the SheDees finally got a goal on the board, with Steph 'Not the French One' Gallagher putting a neat little kick through the posts for her first ever goal in footy. There was an obvious lift in the team and the tackles became harder, the voices louder and the running faster.

Play of the day came after an important tackle by Rachel 'Riddle' Little meant we got the turnover, hands out to Onora who then scored an absolute cracker, slamming it on her boot from the middle and watching it bounce through for her first AFL goal. The girls were outstanding with their effort, running hard throughout the game, never giving up. Emma 'Damo' Lundhaal was consistent through the middle, running hard and keeping one of their most destructive players at bay. 

All up the SheDees may have come away with a loss, but should be so proud of their efforts. Not once did they drop their heads or give anything less than their best. A hard fought game and twelve excellent performances. Well done girls! 

Goals: Steph Gallagher 1, Onora 1

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